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Built-In Admin Area

Bonfire provides a Bootstrap-powered admin area ready for you to move your code into. Easily re-theme it, and integrate admin areas automatically within your own modules.

User Ready

Take the monotony out of coding users management. We provide most of the user-related tools you need, including a Role-Based Access Control system. All out of the box.

Every app needs it, but we don't like recreating it every time. Bonfire provides basic user managment including user registration, banning, forgotten passwords, even public-facing user profile editing and simple custom fields.

Modular Coding

Bonfire loves code re-use. Built on WireDesignz HMVC Modular Extensions, we provide base modules ready for you to override. They kept away from your code for ease of upgrading.

We've even gone so far as to bring Migrations to a modular level, making it simple to re-use your code from one project to the next.

Data Maintenance

No more digging through old file folders to find the phpMyAdmin credentials for an old site when you just need to peek at the database of an old site. Now you've got Bonfire.

Easily create backups of your databases. Simple restores of old database backups. Browse the raw database tables. Run all of your app's migrations. All from within Bonfire.

Powerful Themes

Create flexible themes that know how to stay DRY (don't repeat yourself.) Use multiple page layouts, override layouts on a per-controller basis, create re-usable blocks within your pages, and more.

Bonfire also supports parent-child relationships with themes. This means that you can have a single parent theme that contains common elements and basic layouts and blocks. Then, create any number of child themes that are based on that parent, only revising what has changed.

Email Queue

Once your site becomes popular, you have to be careful how many emails your app sends out. Many ISP's limit the number of emails sent per hour, or per day. Bonfire has got you covered.

Queue emails to be sent out during a cronjob that you create, sending out the emails in bursts that make your ISP happy. Emails will be retried several times before failing. Preview the outgoing email to help during email template development.

Let Us Build It For You

To really reduce your development time, use our Module Builder. It creates skeleton code for your modules so you don't have to create the same bits of code over and over. Create database migrations, models, views, controllers, and permissions with a few clicks. Even create modules based from existing databases.

There's no code-maintenance here. That gets too complex for both of us. Instead, the Module Builder creates the code and then gets out of your way so that you can get back to doing what you're good at: creating solutions.